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DREW FERRANThe teenage hero of our story, Drew's life is changed one dark and deadly night when a monster turns the young shepherd's world upside down. Hunted for a crime he didn't commit, he is forced to flee his home and chased across the wild continent of Lyssia. Along the way Drew encounters the exotic Werelords, shapeshifting nobles who can transform into all manner of beast, while discovering he is the last of the Werewolves and rightful – yet reluctant – King of the Realm . . .


Known as 'The Beast of Bast', the giant Werepanther is lord of the jungle continent and master of the Catlords' armies. Single-minded and driven by an absolute desire to conquer, there is little that can stand in his way as his army march north through Lyssia. A ferocious warrior, he never carries a weapon into battle – he is the weapon.


The cunning albino Catlord is one of Onyx's most trusted advisors. A lover of all contests, be they of the mind or body, Frost delights in the hunt, often indulging himself in moments of brutal, animalistic pleasure as he embraces the Panther within.


The disgraced Goatlord once ruled the city of Haggard, alongside his cousin, the Ramlord Baron Ewan. After a string of terrible deeds, the slave-trader was exiled, unwelcome throughout the courts of the Seven Realms. There are, however, other ports where the vile Goat may find safe harbour…


The volcanic island of Scoria is the home to the Lizardlord, Ignus, and his brothers. Hosting gladiatorial games within the Furnace, his fiery arena, the Werelizard will buy anyone for any price to fight for his entertainment, be they human or therianthrope.

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The Jackal of Omir sits on the throne of Azra, ancient capital of the desert realm. Surrounded by enemies on all sides, including the Jackals to the north and Lady Hayfa, the Hyena, to the south, the noose is tightening for Faisal's people. How long can they hold out against their powerful foes? Who may come to aid them?


The Hawklady is one of the last of her kind, the rest of her proud people having been sent into exile many years ago by King Leopold when he defeated the Wergar the Wolf. Sworn into the service of Count Kesslar, she is the Goatlord's eyes and ears throughout the courts of the Seven Realms.


The heir to the throne of Hedgemoor, Lady Gretchen is betrothed to Prince Lucas, the son of King Leopold, the Werelion. As a Werefox, she is inherently fiery in temperament, suffering fools and insolence badly. Used to being waited upon, her outlook and demeanour take a remarkable change in direction when the wild young Werewolf Drew Ferran comes crashing into her life.


A kind and sensitive soul, the young Boarlord Hector is magister-in-training in the service of the Wererat, Vankaskan. Ill-suited to the company of the Ratlord, the bookish Hector finds true friendship in the form of Drew Ferran, the shepherd who would be king. With the passing of his father, Hector stands to gain the seat of Redmire, but is that likely to please his ambitious, younger twin brother, Vincent?


Naive and unused to the wider world, the hapless Whitley has a lot of growing up to do. The apprentice scout hails from the woodland city of Brackenholme. Whitley's influential father is both disappointed and worried by the young Greencloak's choice of profession, ensuring the apprentice studies under the watchful eyes of Master Hogan, chief scout to Duke Bergan, the Bearlord.

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Chief scout of Brackenholme, Hogan spends weeks and months at a time in the wilds of the Dyrewood. Working alone or alongside the Branches of the Woodland Watch, he has recently taken an apprentice for the first time in many years, Whitley. He’s finding the experience challenging and the youngster a hindrance – the last thing he needs is to be playing nursemaid to some dreamy-headed teenager.


A survivor of the last Werewar, his allegiance to the old king, Wergar, came to an abrupt end when he persuaded the Wolf to surrender himself to Leopold. Tall, broad and barrel-chested, the bushy-bearded Werebear cuts an impressive figure. The Bears of Brackenholme traditionally protect the whole of the Dyrewood but their power has diminished down the years, so much so that the most they've been able to marshal is the central forest immediately round the city and the Dymling Road itself. Now in his late sixties, the future of the Woodland Realm lies in the hands of his children – in particular his son, Lord Broghan.


The Lord of the Barebones, Duke Manfred, is another survivor of the Werewar, and a one-time ally of the late King Wergar. A close friend and confidant of Duke Bergan, the old Staglord sees that change is in the air with the revelation that a young Werewolf, the last surviving child of Wergar, lives. With the help of his brother, Earl Mikkel of Highwater, Manfred is sure to play his part as the continent of Lyssia changes forever.


The collective title of the Wererats of Vermire. The five brothers consist of: the King's Chancellor, Vanmorten; the King's Magister, Vankaskan; the War Marshall, Vorjavik; the Inquisitor, Vorhaas; and the Envoy, Vex – youngest of the brothers. The two most senior members are Vanmorten and Vankaskan – each of the Ratlords being the right-hand-men of King Leopold and Prince Lucas. Greedy, self-serving and opportunistic, they frequently fight among themselves as they struggle for dominance over one another.


King of Westland, Lord of all Lyssia and Defender of the Seven Realms, Leopold comes from the southern continent of Bast and assumed the throne fifteen years ago. For hundreds of years Westland was known as the land of the Wolf, with Wergar the last king of this line until his death at the hands of Leopold during the last Werewar. As such it is now the domain of the Lion, who subsequently proclaimed himself as ruler of all the Seven Realms. Although now considering Highcliff his home, his ties to 'the old country', Bast, are still strong. A headstrong megalomaniac, he'll do everything in his power to see the last of Wergar's children dead.

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The only child of King Leopold and Queen Amelie, he is heir to the thrones of Westland and Lyssia. Though emotionally a child, he has been groomed for kingship since an early age, and is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Physically he's every inch the image of his father: robust, athletic and imposing. He has been promised the hand of Lady Gretchen in marriage, and he always gets what he wants . . .


Dead for fifteen years, rumour still remains that Wergar was betrayed by the Werelords who were closest to him when Leopold invaded Westland. Forced to surrender himself to the Lion in order to save his family, Wergar turned himself in and was subsequently executed. His family died in the fire that followed and Queen Amelie was the sole survivor, quickly taken by Leopold as his own queen. Wergar might have been a feared Werelord by his enemies, but he was loved and respected by his people. The same cannot be said for King Leopold.


The flamboyant and charming Prince of the White Sea, Vega is a Werelord without a throne. Cast out of his palace in Cutters Cove by Leopold, the Sharklord has been a pirate these last fifteen years. Desperate to ingratiate himself to his king, he isn't trusted by his fellow Werelords who have never forgiven him for his traitorous actions during the Werewar. On board his ship, the Maelstrom, he's perhaps the deadliest single force on the White Sea. With the arrival of the young Werewolf Drew Ferran into the world of the Werelords, the question remains – whose side will the Wereshark take?


The Lord of the Longridings, Duke Lorimer, is faced with a difficult decision, his people having spent far too long in servitude to a king in the north. If news of the challenger to Leopold's throne, in the shape of Wergar's heir, is true, this could be an opportunity for the Horselords and their neighbours to cut away from the Union of the Seven Realms and become truly independent once again. With advisors such as old Viscount Colt and the idealistic young Lord Conrad at his side, it would take a brave Stallion to make a stand against the north.


Another old friend of the late King Wergar, the Ramlord is all but removed from the politics of the Seven Realms. Locked away inside his old keep on Sapphire Bay, he has turned his back on the bickering of the Werelords, finding comfort in a simpler, more peaceful life. Only it's not always easy to remain removed from conflict, especially when trouble can often come knocking . . .

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